Accounts Receivable (A/R) Services in Houston, TX

Medical AR Management Service in Houston

While we do your A/R as part of your complete revenue cycle management:

We are NOT just a medical billing company; with over 20 years of A/R experience, we will take on just your A/R as part of an independent task and ensure the claims waiting to be paid are taken care of. We are also an A/R company that converts medical billing Accounts Receivable (A/R)company in Houston, Texas into Dollars. We ensure none of your money falls through the cracks and you receive every legal cent owed.We also work as a medical finance data analytics company. An average acceptable rate for A/R is 10% – 15% over a 90 day period, yet as per most healthcare entities, this rate is much higher. Our founders with their medical billing company, ensure there is no A/R for their clients; and found that the claim follow-up, patient billing and A/R collections are the main source of neglect and decline in overall collections. So our A/R department is trained to work with your A/R as part of your medical billing service or an independent task

medexum does three things:

Our Methodology

With our decades of experience in medical billing, we know how long each insurance company takes and what it requires with that claim to adjudicate it. We call that invaluable data for each commercial and government insurance company’s data, medical billing artificial intelligence data – MBAiD. It took us two decades to build this database. mediwave, our AI software and it’s ML algorithms, build off of this data give us a clear visibility on how your claims should be prepared legally and financially, and how your A/R and Claims follow-up should be managed. mediwave, coupled with our dedicated team of medical coders and patient care coordinators, give us a unique advantage of ensuring no A/R or claim is left unpaid.

Accounts Receivable (A/R) Services

Medical Billing Aging A/R

Medical Billing A/R of “any type” including Patient Billing A/R, living in your filing cabinet or in your electronic reports or database that you have given up on is the most attractive to us. If you are waiting for the right time or right people to help you with that A/R, this is the right time, and we are the right people. We specialize in collecting “Aging” A/R. Our experience, medexum data analytics capabilities, understanding of payer habits and dedicated medical billing A/R team has the capability to get you the maximum money from your “Aging” A/R. It’s not doing anything for you sitting there, why not give it a try?

Medical Billing Ongoing A/R:

A/R keeps growing with the passage of every day and with that, the chances of its collection reduce. Any A/R below 180 days aging has a chance for excellent collections. Government or Commercial payer A/R, Patient A/R or both; we follow-up on all with dignity and respect to ensure every possible cent finds its way to you. We cover gaps of money overlooked by the in-house medical billing team or medical billing company’s teams. We work with you as your A/R Team. Medical billing companies or in-house medical billing team(s) that want us to be their A/R extension, we have a cost-effective package. 

How we keep A/R to a minimum

Medical Billing Ongoing A/R

Ensure quality of your claims before submission

Our dedicated team of coders understand how to view the quality of the claims being submitted by your in-house billers or your billing company. We work with your in-house billers or billing company as a team to give them the guidance to prepare claims and have everything required for in-time adjudication.


Ensure your claims are being followed up on-time

Our A/R team keeps an eye on all your claims after submission and makes sure that the claims that need to be followed-up on do not fall through the cracks. We advise your in-house billing team or billing company on how to follow-up and collect on the claims that are passing the due dates for a particular insurance company’s usual adjudication timeline.

Surgical Billing & Coding

Ensure A/R is done for all your claims

All claims after submission are either adjudicated and paid to you or fall under the A/R, our team of A/R specialists ensure your claims are paid based on the Medical Billing Artificial Intelligence Data (MBAiD) (Link this to the How we do it section of the website). We will inform your medical billers or medical billing company of any claims follow-up that needs to be done on a periodic basis each week.

Retain Us or Leave us

After your A/R is collected, pay us and leave us OR Retain us! for just managing your on-going A/R or full cycle medical billing. The choice is yours, no obligations!

Pricing & Packages

A/R Amount % of Collection Charged
Above $1m
$500K - $1m
$100K - $500K
Below 100K

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