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Hospitals, free standing ERs, Urgent Care Centers, Physician Groups, Single Physician Practices, and medical billing companies. Government or private entities and insurance A/R or patient A/R, we work for and with all. Claim preparation thru Follow-Up and Patient Collections. We maintain privacy of all entities while maintaining respect and dignity of patients. We are your in-house billing team to ensure no money falls through the claim preparation, follow-up, A/R and Patient Billing cracks. That’s why we say, “No Cents Left Behind!”

Our Billing Services are used by

Our Billing Services are used by


U.S Based Dedicated Account Coordinators

Each one of our client (You) receive a dedicated team to work on your medical billing service. They become an extension of your medical team and work with you on daily or as you like basis to ensure you are updated on your finances regularly. Our dedicated account coordinators are not just customer service reps, they are a part of your medical billing team that you have direct number to and know the real time status of your medical billing. You have access to higher channels at medexum without hesitation if you need to escalate an issue. We believe communication is important for our business and yours!

Multi-Specialty Medical Billing Services

medexum provides billing services to multiple specialties. Some of the specialties we cater for are: