Patient Billing

medexum has managed patient billing since 2008 with no unhappy patients. In fact your patients will tell you that they love your medical billing services.

Patient Payment Solutions

Patients are increasingly taking on the cost of their healthcare and patient billing can be complex for them to understand. Is your billing company or team optimized for the patient’s financial journey to make payments as easy and convenient as possible for patients and staff?

medexum has developed processes to ensure your patients understand their bills, given them easy ways to pay and made dedicated and courteous patient representatives easy to access. Our patient billing team is experienced to handle any type of situation and reduce Patient Billing A/R to minimum to none.

Patient Payment Solutions

Happy Patient Make Happy Doctors

75% of patients leave their bills unpaid or change their physician due to billing inefficiencies. Understanding your medical bill can be a daunting task in today’s complex healthcare system. Per our experience, 15%-20% of total collections are patient collections which are mostly overlooked and written off as uncollectible A/R. Ensuring patient understand their bill and why they are receiving multiple bills for a single service is what we do best, we will take on the task of patient billing for you. We will prepare and mail patient statements, provide your patients a dedicated number to call and a website to pay online or via a check

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Simple Process

Patient Statements

After appropriate reimbursement from all payers, if patient balance remains. Easy to read patient friendly, patient statement is generated along with explanation and balance.

Patient Collections

Our billers will send up to 3 patient statements and reminder phone calls. We can take patient payments over the phone or through web portal, based on you practice needs.

Patient Inquiries

medexum has dedicated representatives to answer patient calls. They can answers any questions regarding patient statements. This will help your practice focus on other items.

Patient Contact